SharePoint 2016 Review is released

Hello Guys, its wonderful news to the SharePoint folks again, few people feel LoL.. Anyway in last ignite meeting Microsoft has released SharePoint 2016 review version on August 24th.

Here is the proof I have. I got the update in my Azure account.


For the changes which are going to be implemented, please refer this link.

If any help on this new version, please be in touch with me.

Please comment below, don’t forget.

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Publish SharePoint site as Internet site from Azure SharePoint Server

If you have created a SharePoint site on Azure environemnt and you want to provide the access to internet to the SharePoint sites, go through the below steps.

1. First open the ‘Central Administration’
2. Click on the ‘Configure alternate access mappings’

3. Click on ‘Edit Public URLs’

4. Select Mapping collection.

5. Enter the Internet URL as shown below and save.

6. You will be seen the mapping URLs like below.

But the above site will not be accessed from the internet, you can open from your local machine. To work with onĀ internet also here you need to configure the public port to the Virtual Machine of the SharePoint Server.

Go to the dashboard of the Virtual Machine and go to ‘ENDPOINTS’ tab and create new end point with the site port number as below.


Now try to open the site in your local machine or in friend machine. It will work.

Please comment for the more information

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