Publish Google spreadsheets data on website

Hey.. do you want to publish the data from Google spreadsheet to on your web site. The below is the solution you have to follow step by step.

1. Open

2. Create a new spread sheet as below


3. Create data as below


4. Now, this sheet has to be published then it will be available for the public access. Click on the File > Publish to the web..


5. Publish the spreadsheet as below


6. It will generate the public link for the spread sheet as below. Please copy to the any notepad


For example the link as like below and take the red highlighted key and paste as shown below


For your reference and to help I am providing below that link[KEY]/od6/public/values?alt=json

7. Once you have ready the above link please open in browser, you can see the json return data as below


8. Copy the text showing on the browser and open the site : .

9. Paste on the text tab and click on the viewer , It will show JSON data clearly to us as shown below


10. Now we got the JSON data, this JSON data can be published on any website using below code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Google Spreadsheet test</title>
<script src=""></script>

var sheeturl = "";
$.getJSON(sheeturl, function (data) {
	var dt = data.feed.entry;
	var tbl = "<table border='0'>";
	$.each(dt, function (i) {
		tbl += "<tr>";
		tbl += "<td>" + dt[i].gsx$name.$t + "</td>";
		tbl += "<td>" + dt[i].gsx$phone.$t + "</td>";
		tbl += "<td>" + dt[i].gsx$email.$t + "</td>";
		tbl += "</tr>";
	tbl += "</table>";

	<div id="content">
		Display items here

11. Open the page in browser and check the result.

12. The page will be displayed as below.


All the best .. Please comment below.

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Publish SharePoint site as Internet site from Azure SharePoint Server

If you have created a SharePoint site on Azure environemnt and you want to provide the access to internet to the SharePoint sites, go through the below steps.

1. First open the ‘Central Administration’
2. Click on the ‘Configure alternate access mappings’

3. Click on ‘Edit Public URLs’

4. Select Mapping collection.

5. Enter the Internet URL as shown below and save.

6. You will be seen the mapping URLs like below.

But the above site will not be accessed from the internet, you can open from your local machine. To work with on internet also here you need to configure the public port to the Virtual Machine of the SharePoint Server.

Go to the dashboard of the Virtual Machine and go to ‘ENDPOINTS’ tab and create new end point with the site port number as below.


Now try to open the site in your local machine or in friend machine. It will work.

Please comment for the more information

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Flying Camera | Drone Camera | Lily Camera

Hello Guys, Its good news for the people who are waiting for personal selfie video camera and personal camera. Now Lily is working on this type camera and they are soon going to release the flying camera with fully automated. This is amazing technology for the tourists and travelers.

The camera will follow you and shoot you how do you want with out operators help, It will operate with self program.

The below image states that camera generations. Future will be the flying camera generation.


For more information please watch this video.

If you want to order this camera, please check their site

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