Flying Camera | Drone Camera | Lily Camera

Hello Guys, Its good news for the people who are waiting for personal selfie video camera and personal camera. Now Lily is working on this type camera and they are soon going to release the flying camera with fully automated. This is amazing technology for the tourists and travelers.

The camera will follow you and shoot you how do you want with out operators help, It will operate with self program.

The below image states that camera generations. Future will be the flying camera generation.


For more information please watch this video.

If you want to order this camera, please check their site

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What is SharePoint

Right now you are reading WordPress right? It is also one of the site hosting platform. But it is not having the document management feature. It is having blogging and collaboration.

My insight in future about SharePoint is the one of the popular site hosting tool like WordPress these days. Almost every body having blog and few are having social community accounts. But in future every business will be maintained under SharePoint portal only.

Now a days few companies are using SharePoint and few are still sharing their documents using LAN and internet. Its fine but there are lots drawbacks. To avoid all those SharePoint is introduced by Microsoft. Every business will have SharePoint portal to share their insights and content.

For more information what is SharePoint? Please visit the below page once.

Here, you can find the steps to download the SharePoint software too and you can created online as well.

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Except intersection of two arrays in c#

Hello Devs, this is the task recently I received from one of my colleague.

The Question is below

Two input Arrays

A = { “Blue”, “Green”, “Yellow”, “Red” }
B = { “Green”, “White”, “Red” }

Output should be like, The output collection should be sorted as well.
Output: {“Blue”, “Red”, “Yellow” }

The output is the not the intersection of the two arrays.

The solution is below:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace ChenTest
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            string[] A= new string[] {"Blue","Green","Yellow","Red"};
            string[] B= new string[] {"Blue","Red","Yellow"};
            var result = A.Except(B).Union(B.Except(A));

            foreach (string element in result)


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